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Sample of a Paper on Cyber Bullying: Essay Focusing on Its Aftermath

One of the biggest issues in school is bullying, and even though teachers are giving students different kinds of assignments like a research paper on bullying, it still exists. There are many kinds of it, and there is a thing called cyber bullying, research paper usually shows that it’s the most common kind right now. This one is harder to track and it allows more people to never face punishment. If you have to work on your essay about bullying, browse through the example below to see how online bullying affects kids:

Essay on Bullying: Long-Term Effects of Oppression

This is one of the biggest issues of our time, and yes, I’m talking about bullying. If you choose to visit any high or middle school in the US, you’ll see a lot of posters saying that it’s a bad thing and that victims of bullying should be supported. And now, with the age of technology, bullying becomes a thing of the Internet, and the wide amount of apps and networks allow kids to bring it to the school halls and classrooms. Cyberbullying can be on Facebook, it can haunt you on Twitter, there could be some gross Snapchat pictures, it can track you everywhere. And the worst of it, that as long as you’re on your phone, it seems to be all around you.

We’re really attached to our devices and we can’t leave them for a moment and if you’re a victim of cyber bullying it pretty much means that it’s all you see. It easily might seem that the whole world is turning against you and you can’t do much about it. Quite often people complain and don’t want to go to school, they start skipping and behaving anti-socially so they don’t get to go there and face it again and again. A lot of kids don’t tell anything their parents as it seems that such an issue should be handled alone and it might seem shaming. Quite a lot of parents don’t really get when their kids need help and they talk about the same bullying as of something childish and not serious. That’s the moment when the kid feels particularly alone and isolated, unable to find help anywhere.

But that doesn’t stop with skipping school and feeling alone, a lot of kids start self-harming, and this is where it can get really dangerous. About 3% of kids who were cyberbullied claimed that they felt really suicidal and that’s a big number of people. It also leads to start of drug and alcohol usage, and some of the kids can get into bad companies and start consuming various substances. All of this can seriously harm their health, but there is more to that.

Bullying, no matter if it happens in real life or it happens online, causes long-term effects on the mental state of a person. A child feels especially vulnerable and depressed and that stops them from studying, enjoying life and their hobbies and actually doesn’t let them function properly. A lot of kids have this deep inner feeling and fear of being bullied again and they carry it throughout their lives, not being able to trust and open to someone. Some other people can’t build relations at home or at work because of this and get depressed later in life as they feel unworthy and pathetic. Those feelings of anger, pain, and fear and turn out much later in life and ruin it. Statistics shows us that it’s those people who were abused and hurt earlier in life, especially in their childhood, when they’re really vulnerable, get depressed much later.

This leads us to unbalanced society many members of which are dysfunctional and not able to live a happy decent life. This ultimately hurts everyone else and puts other people in danger as those people can have anger issues. Bullying ruins lives and it’s definitely not worth any moral pleasure other kids get when doing this, so it should be stopped. There should be more control in classrooms and of the kids and more examples of tolerance and the effects of bullying. Moreover, teachers should keep an eye on those kids who seem to be treated badly by others and are feeling cut out. Together we can all stop bullying and help a lot of kids live a better life. This is a decent goal and it’s something that is worth spending your time on.