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A Sample of Essay: Breast Cancer and the Importance of Moral Support

There are a lot of health problems we still can’t cure, and cancer is probably one of the worst. One of the most common types is breast cancer, and if you read national cancer research paper, you’ll see how serious the issue is. If you need to study the topic yourself, you need to create a cancer research paper outline first, to make sure you are not confused with numbers. Also, check the following sample and point the things you can use for your work:

Essay on Female Breast Cancer: Research Paper Based and Proved

This is one of the most common types of cancer and it’s quite curable now, yet not in every case and there are many people who still die from it. That’s quite a touchy subject for many women and this is something they should check regularly as anyone can face this problem. This is probably the worst thing about cancer, it doesn’t care what your way of life is and if you drink or smoke, it can get even to the healthiest and the youngest of all. It’s also now proved that cancer becomes ‘younger’ and the cases of cancer among children are increasing in numbers.

1 in 8 women in the US will have breast cancer and this is a huge number if you count. Also, this year about 41,000 women will die from it and this is a huge number too. Those will be mostly old ladies when the human body doesn’t really work as it should and the immune system is weak cancer gets those people quicker. Right now it’s easier to spot with the advanced technology, yet it is far away from perfect and even more, there are a lot of people who don’t have access to that technology. It’s also the type of cancer that usually comes with the genetic mutation and runs in families rather than being randomly developed as some bone cancers. This makes a lot of women who have close relatives with the issue in the danger zone. Actually, there is also men’s breast cancer, but that one is quite rare.

With all of those numbers, it’s clear that women need a lot of support to go through that and be okay. This is not just the pressure from the financial side, fear, and pain, but also huge emotional stress. And those people need support from others and especially from their families. There are support groups and centers that help those to grow stronger and overcome those insecurities connected to the issue, but the patient should also receive the same at home. A woman should see the understanding and the willingness to support her. There are some ways you can ensure that.

Remind her that she is loved and do so regularly, show the appreciation and be strong. There should be no pity in your words, just love, and care. You can also sort of ignore the disease and not treat her as if she is sick and in bad condition. This is just something you have to overcome and go through and this is temporary. Be stronger than she is when she is low and always be there for her. It’s proved that when people get that support they’re doing much better and their health condition actually improves a lot. It’s the power of the human brain and the emotions that can really cure you and make you feel so much better.

To sum it all up, it’s a huge issue, yet there is a lot of progress at curing breast cancer and people continue to raise awareness and screen and cure it more precisely. It’s likely that it’s just the matter of time and it will be curable soon and yet, do your best and support the people struggling with it.