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The Ultimate Sample of Child Abuse Essays: Reasons and Effects of Abuse

The meanest thing a grown-up person can do is hurt someone in their total submission. There are many cases of child abuse in the country and national statistics and typical research paper on child abuse are very upsetting, the numbers scaring social workers. It’s also clear that most kids experience at least some level of bullying, which is what makes a good topic to study. If you need to write an essay or child abuse research paper, you should take this work seriously. Check out the following example on the topic and pay attention to the numbers that make this issue so serious:

Child Abuse Essay: Reasons and Long-Term Effects of Cruel Behavior

It’s statistically proven that most kids face abuse at some point in their childhood, either at home or school. Everyone knows about bullying and you can find posters against it on every single corner of a regular school, but home abuse is something society is quiet about. This makes it much harder for kids to open up and talk about it with someone, not everyone can acquire the help of a professional.

More than 6.6 million kids are reported as abused yearly, which makes it about a kid every 10 seconds. Almost 80% of people with a history of child abuse are later diagnosed with mental instability or some other disorder. That’s a lot of people who are potentially violent, who will bring the same to their own families and make the numbers increase. The issue is huge and something should be done about it.

Child abuse is not just about beating, swearing, or dumping negativity on a young child’s brain, it’s also about long-term effects. People who experience abuse regularly can’t function as decent members of society, which is what makes it an important problem for all of us. Among these effects are bitterness, anti-social behavior, drinking and drug abuse issues, and the tendency to repeat the same brutality in their own families. Violence creates violence. There are also other health related issues, a higher risk of heart disease and a much lower life expectancy. The behavioral effects are massive too, with these people are usually unable to uphold a normal social life. Most of these people often end up in jail, or have issues with police; they tend to make bad decisions. Many cases of murder and robbery are committed by abused people.

There is a huge increase in abuse rates in some neighborhoods. The main causes of abuse are usually maltreatment when the adult is under effect of alcohol or drugs, or physical violence. There are plenty of places in the country where physical violence is widely present, and most of domestic violence cases also end with child abuse. If one member of the house abuses the other one, it’s highly likely the effects will also influence a kid a lot. There are long-term effects of seeing violence a lot, so if the maltreatment happens in a house with kids, they will also suffer, even if they’re not getting abused themselves.

There are probably abused children in every school classroom, yet they can’t find any help from their teacher or peers, and in many places there are no special facilities for them to talk it out. There should be some action taken and some of the local budget spent on getting a psychologist for each school. Progress in treatment is also needed; it’s necessary to embrace the efforts to help people who have faced abuse at some point in their lives. There can be progress made if public awareness rises, and with some kind of action to prevent or help battle the effects of the abuse, society can be far better off.