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Example of Composition on the Causes of Depression, Research Paper Based

There are issues that haunt people no matter how old they are or what their social status is, and depression is probably of that kind. It’s interesting to read about it as you probably encountered it yourself, and you can always choose among depression research paper topics something of interest to you. It’s a challenging task to work on a research paper on depression or an essay, and you might need a good example of what you need to do. Check out the following paper to see how the reasons for depression are explained:

Essay on the Psychological Reasons for Depression, Research Paper Based Work

Have you’ve ever faced crippling hopelessness and meaningless of life, when you can’t find any motivation to get up and actually move? When you don’t see any point in fixing a quick breakfast, earning money, living in your house and waking up in the morning? When you open your eyes and there is a new day ready to welcome you, yet the only thing that comes to your mind is ‘ugh’. This is what is now we call depression, especially if this state is more or less regular. And according to medical statistics, it’s one of the most common and spread issues in the civilized world.

There is a popular opinion that depression is just something that is ‘in your head’ and it is real as long as you actually care and believe in it. And the curing mechanism, according to those supporting the hypothesis, is to simply get up and go and forget of this shallowness in your chest. And this couldn’t be more wrong, as depression is a huge problem and it’s almost impossible to battle on your own, without any support. It also takes a long time to start doing it, and quite often people don’t get that something is wrong with their state. In some other cases, they think that it’s something wrong with them and it’s their own fault that they feel bad and can’t deal with it.

There are many reasons for depression and it’s highly individual, you can’t really predict why and when people will face it. For some, it can be a huge overwhelming stress, and for others, it’s nothing but daily routine. You can even feel it without any particular reason, just as your life goes by, you’re not achieving anything, not living the life you’ve always dreamt about. And this is quite a legit reason, there is no shame if a person feels like this even if nothing dreadful happened.

Yet, quite often the reason is a loss of someone or something of importance or some kind of struggle. It can be financial as the loss of your house or a big sum of money, it can be connected to the loss of your job, especially if you’re doing something you like. It can be a lot of responsibilities that you’re not ready for and the overwhelming amount of those can make people panic and then leave them completely devastated.

It can be some health issues, or the health issues of a person close to you, or just when your life plans are up in the air and you can’t decide anything in particular. Quite a common cause is abuse in your childhood or some old emotional or physical abuse, as those leave a long-term mark on the person.

People fighting it should be encouraged and supported, and there is no reason to judge them or say that it’s just a ‘thing in their head’. This is a legit health issue and it should be treated respectfully. Also, don’t be judgmental to the people you meet in your life as you haven’t been in their shoes and you don’t know what battle they are fighting.