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Ethics and Society Essay Sample: One of the Hottest Ethics Paper Topics

When it comes to philosophy or ethics, you really have to turn your head on to pass the class. There are many assignments, and most of them are quite complex, especially when it comes to choosing ethics research paper topics. It’s quite tough to choose a good one, yet it’s crucial to do your work well and learn faster. One of the good and broad ethics essay topics is the usage of ethics and its application in modern society. It’s clear that it influences social norms and behavior, but it’s also not quite clear how. Read the example below to see how our daily behavior is heavily influenced by ethics:

How to Write an Ethics Paper: The Importance of Ethics for Society

Most people don’t think of philosophy as something of incredible importance, and even claim studying it is overrated. This usually comes from people who don’t understand what philosophy is about and what it teaches you. They don’t see how much their everyday actions, and the things they consider normal, are influenced by the ages of thinking and by numerous discussions and events. The thing that is called ethics, and what we call ethical behavior, is very important for modern society, yet it’s often underestimated.

Ethics is the way we determine what’s right and what’s wrong, essentially the backbone of society. No governmental action could be made without relying on ethics, our judicial system would collapse and people would be unable to deal with each other. Ultimately, ethics is something the whole society holds on to and you can’t ignore it. In our society, based on the capitalistic economic system, we don’t think much of the everyday actions that are so common and definite for us, and yet are only possible with ethics. These are values that were formed long before our birth, the system of beliefs that was created by other people, and even the ones we still use when we leave the house and get something for brunch. The way we deal with people in the stores, the fact that we are able to trade our labor for the products of the labor of other people, is the perfect example of an ethical system setup and running.

If you search for the comparison in political science, it would be the social contract, and that’s exactly what it is in practice. If a member of a given society violates the contract, they are either punished or excluded from that society, never accepted. Similar things exist in other societies, including animal groups.

Ethics doesn’t appear at once, as the system needs quite a long time to actually be created and accepted by the majority. Our modern beliefs started forming a long time ago, starting in Ancient Greece and Rome. Our government tradition comes from these past times, and the ways the government deals with people and political efficacy starts there too.

We can see how much the ethical system is changing right now, and it’s really influenced by the migration processes that are highly active nowadays. With the huge amount of cultures mixing, we create a new system and accept the rules of other cultures and their ways. But there is another reason for this, and it’s connected to the growing acceptance in society. For example, homosexuality or abortion, or even mixed-race relations, are subjects that were heavily judged before. Yet, the ethical system can be pretty flexible and it changes and accepts more and more people of different kinds.

There are many ways ethics influences our daily lives, and it’s interesting to track which of our habits and thoughts came from those long discussions in Ancient Greece. It’s important that we understand the meaning of ethics in our life and preserve our system of values for the sake of peace in society.