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Sample Paper Against Gun Control: Essay on the Right to Bear Arms

There are many heated topics in the society and gun control is a huge thing for the people. There are even essays on gun control coming from the students, so the whole society is talking about the issue. You can find a research paper on gun control from the respective sociologist and then another one with completely different points and evidence. This is why the studies, things like a gun control research paper don’t tell you the truth. To write a good essay on arms yourself, read the sample below to see what are the ethical and theoretical arguments of the right to bear arms:

A Snippet of a School Level Gun Control Essay

Last years were full of mass shootings and terroristic acts all over the world, and with those events, the question of gun control is at its peak. When there are people who easily acquire guns when they really shouldn’t have a firearm in the first place, it seems legit to just ban the gun and leave it that way. Though according to statistics, it’s the cities like Chicago, where there are a lot of placed where the guns are officially and legally banned, the shootings happen. This tells us, this isn’t a successful measure. There are also many other reasons the government can’t simply ban guns, and one of those lies in the political system we have.

As Marco Rubio once pointed, the 2nd Amendment is really a cornerstone of democracy, and it’s impossible to build without having the right to protect yourself. The most totalitarian countries, like the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany or Communist China are distinct as their governments took the right to protect themselves from the citizens. And this is something that can’t be done since by taking this right from the free person, you’re turning them into slaves, incapable of protecting their own lives. This is the big point in the US, where the hate of the tyranny runs in the blood.

Giving too much power to the government and giving it the right to control the daily lives of the citizens is something people are afraid of. There were too many negative examples of that in the history, and what gives the government more power than being the only one with the measures of protection? It’s also hard to imagine how you could partially cut this right without violating its core. There are some rights you can’t take away and for many years those were outlined in the Bill of Rights. What’s happening right now is limiting the freedom of the press, violating the freedom of religion and the right to bear arms.

And it’s also true that the growing numbers of gun ownership do not bring high rates of crime, Switzerland can be a great proof of that. Actually, the more gun restrictions there are, the more crime rates grow, this rule has been true for the most of the European countries.

And anti-alcohol laws also would be a good example here. When those were ratified, alcohol never actually disappeared, and the laws were sabotaged by people. Most of the country simply turned to the black market. The ban on guns or some growing restriction won’t do anything but prevent honest people from getting firearms legally, but will never stop those who already get guns on the black market. This way, a huge number of the population is left without protection, while the outcasts have all the opportunities to rob and shoot, knowing that no-one around can respond with the same.

It’s not guns that kill people and it has already been proved that firearm restrictions only allow the same anti-social folks to do carry out their plans. It’s also generally assumed that most of the people are opposing gun rights and are willing to support the gun control laws when it couldn’t be less true. There are actually more and more people who support the 2nd Amendment and want it to be the part of their life.

More restrictions will only bring more crime and less safety. Unless you can’t walk with a policeman on your side 24/7, a gun is never a bad choice. Taking the power to defend themselves from the people is basically stating that you are not responsible enough to live and protect yourself and some kind of a bureaucrat will do much better job.