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A Paper Sample on Illegal Immigration: Essay for the Open Borders

The world is on the verge of a new global era and people moving countries is not something you can stop. The radical change of the face of a country brings the fact that a research paper on immigration and similar studies becomes more popular among students. People are trying to figure out how much their life would change and what that would mean on a global scale, which is why many students receive an immigration research paper or similar assignment. If you have to work on yours, check out this good example for the case and pay attention to the arguments:

Essay on Immigration from a Globalist Viewpoint

People are moving around all the time, and it’s nothing like the 1900s anymore when less than 5% of people ended up living in other countries, far away from home. When the numbers of people moving changes, the laws stay the same, and they’ve proved to be far too rigid for our time. According to some data, there’s going to be about 17-20% of illegal and undocumented immigrants in Western countries by 2018, and the percentage will only grow. With the huge division of wealth and resources, nothing can stop mass-migration from the countries of the 3rd world.

Some people come for economic reasons, and there are many of those, other people run from war. The refugee crisis also brought many undocumented people to Europe, and it is still struggling to deal with the cultural differences and financial inequality. But let’s focus on the first group, as there are many people running from poverty and a bad quality of life. It’s quite common to claim these people are a burden for the economy, as they take low-paid jobs and don’t pay many taxes. This is not true, as the statistics tell us, undocumented immigrants in the US still pay sales tax, property tax, and many of them pay federal, state and local taxes. Yet, they can’t enjoy the benefits of Social Security and welfare programs.

Other sources claim they send a lot of their money home, and while this is true, that still doesn’t harm the economy. They take many jobs that are needed in the country – like janitors, or construction workers, and get paid significantly less than a native US citizen. Yet, the waves of immigration also bring many creative entrepreneurs and people who want to make something themselves. Many start their own business and create new jobs. More than 15% of start-up companies were founded by Indians, so the immigrant force also brings some creative juices to the country.

There is another common myth, claiming that immigrants don’t want to become integrated and naturalized, wanting to hold on to their identity. That is not true. The statement had some ground in the 20th century when there were mono-ethnic neighborhoods. At that time, many immigrants didn’t want to learn English or become part of society, but that has changed a lot. More and more people now sign up for English classes and are decent citizens who want to commit to the society they’re living in.

There are many myths about immigration, and illegal immigration makes people shiver, yet it brings many benefits. If countries would soften immigration laws, the world could meet another boost of creativity and find many fresh, new ideas. It’s high time to face the truth and accept that the future of the world is not locked within the borders, we shouldn’t wait for the massive flow of immigration and the mix of cultures. If we’re ready, it can be a huge bonus for economies, which is ultimately a plus for society.