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Example of One of the Best Police Brutality Essays from a Student

When the social uprisings take place, there are more cries about violence among the police. It’s the time when students receive police brutality research paper assignments and it becomes a hot topic among people. It’s also quite controversial and you can find a research paper on police brutality that will be stating one thing and the second study will be completely opposite. Check the snippet below to see why some arguments from the left-liberal side are wrong:

Police Brutality Essay: Epidemics of Lies

Ferguson violence and protests started it was when the term ‘police brutality’ sounded loud and clear again. This is probably the subject that starts with the whole Civil Rights movement. The violence from those who have power and who have to control the peace and the situation in the areas became quite a daily issue if you trust with the words of the liberal side. But there is a funny fact for you, it’s just about 0.5% of people who actually experienced that police brutality according to statistics. Yet if you listen to the news, it seems like the numbers should be much bigger.

There are indeed the cases when the use of force is unjustified and those are truly horrible, but those are usually quickly dealt with. If you look at the cases that are usually claimed as police brutality, those are actually pretty weird. It’s clear that the officers should have the right to protect themselves and when a person, even if it’s a child points a gun at the member of the police, there is not much choice left. There are also problems with people who don’t want to face justice and are trying to run away or to hurt the officer, which also are the calls to open fire. There are also a lot of cases when people complain that policemen are racist and rude to them, but what is more interesting that there are almost no complaints from those people. Nowadays, when everyone has a smartphone or a surveillance camera in the car, it wouldn’t be tough to actually gather some evidence.

It’s interesting to take a look at the source of police brutality cries and you’ll see that that’s mostly BLM and similar movements or white college liberals. Another source would be the members of the Democratic Party. And those people generally claim that policemen are extremely racist, yet there is something not matching here.

It’s been a while since the Democrats took on the responsibility to make the lives of others better with the welfare state and since then it only grew. There were a lot of efforts put into helping the poor, a lot of programs which according to data, many those people used. And yet, racial statistics of crime, poverty, using welfare remains pretty much the same. No matter how many billions the Democrats bumped into welfare programs, there are still plenty of black neighborhoods that face this crippling poverty and have high crime rates.

Those are the people who are complaining of police brutality later, rioting and burning cars and breaking the windows. This allows us to come to the conclusion that the myth of widespread police brutality is mostly supported by the Democratic party, which failed to improve the situation of some people. It’s the government that jumped into the business of others and started to try to improve the situation ruined their lives. And it will continue to do so if the welfare state won’t be destroyed.

Police brutality cases are rare and isolated and those are usually not highly advertised like those you hear about on CNN or MSNBC. People have to turn their heads on and see the real reason of the situation that we have now. It still can be solved and dealt with is.